An improvisational performance at La Strada in Canaules

Solidarite Japon 34 Event

This past Friday, Chiharu Miyama (contemporary dance, voice) in collaboration with Takumi Hukushima (violin, voice) performed an improvisational performance at La Strada in Canaules.
The powerful performance by Chiharu accompanied by the delicate sounds of Takumi's violin, began with a powerful gaze and expressed the earthquake, the fears, a sense of emptiness, the severity of the new reality of tomorrow. At the end of the show, children attracted by the performance, danced together with Chiharu. The moment was like spring flowers blooming yet raised the question of what to tell to the next generation.

After the performance, time was provided to talk about this earthquake, the nuclear accident and the surrounding events. Nuclear power in France is the major energy source and thus France and Japan may face similar issues. The event continued this discussion in which each person has an interest and must continue to share ideas.

At La Strada, in a beautiful natural setting, the children were running and playing freely, people were sharing delicious homemade food, and new friendships were forming. It was very meaningful and precious.

01/04/2011 - 19:00
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