1st Report on Donations

March 19 to May 31
submitted June 17, 2011

Individual donations: 75 persons
       5170 euro

Funds raised through collection boxes placed in stores:
Bar at the convention center, JOSYVAN, Little Tokyo, Sushi Bar
       1997 euro

Donations collected by members
       2357.06 euro

Donations through events put on by members: 6 events
Stands at Assas Carnival
The Night Dance: Friday at La Strada
Japanese Cakes at ''Le fournil des sens'' in Le Vigan
Traveling photo exhibition
Yoga Mutual JAPAN
Bento workshop
       1957.85 euro

Donations by external actions:
Aperitif Japanese
Postcard TSUNAMI
       900 euro

Donations at our Stands, 3 events over 8 days:
Stand in the Place de la Comédie with Toranomaki
Stand at Festival Japan with Sun Toranomaki
Stand at the Expo TSUNAMI Comedy Book
       1477.64 euro

Total: 13,859.55 euro

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